Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health is an important part of holistic healthcare. Here at Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg, we have a Spiritual Health Practitioner to offer religious, spiritual, and psycho-social support to you and your loved one in a variety of ways.

Religious Services

  • Christian Hymn Sing – Mondays @ 2pm in the Activity Center
  • Church Services – Thursdays @ 2pm in the Activity Center (services include monthly Catholic Mass, Anglican, Inter-Denominational, and quarterly Lutheran and Orthodox services – see monthly calendar onsite).
  • Currently no other religious services have been requested. If you have additional, non-Christian, religious services you would like, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1:1 Visitation

The Spiritual Health Practitioner is available for 1:1 visitation with your loved one. This can be religious/spiritual support like scripture, bible study, and prayer, or non-religious including music, readings, and conversation.

End of Life

The last moments with your loved one can be very difficult. Spiritual, religious, and emotional support is available from our Spiritual Health Practitioner during office hours. They are also available for consultation on how to discuss end-of-life wishes with your loved one. This can be a helpful practice to guide decision making at end-of-life, making funerary arrangements, and reduce stress for family.

You can reach the Spiritual Health Practitioner at 204-336-4126

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