Family and friends are encouraged to visit often and we are pleased to welcome visitors. Here are some details of what to expect when visiting here:

Visiting Hours: Regular visiting hours are currently from 8:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M., however families and guests may continue to visit after hours.

Medical Masks are optional. Effective May 10th, 2023, it will be optional for visitors to wear medical masks while visiting at the Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg. Medical masks will continue to be available at each entrance to the building for those who wish to continue wearing them. In select areas, based on risk factors of the population cared for in that environment, visitors may continue to be required to wear a mask. Facility staff will provide guidance of what is required.

Limited number of Visitors. It is recommended that up to TWO Visitors visit with the patient / resident at the same time while in the facility.

Outbreaks. Only Designated Caregivers will be permitted to enter units with a COVID-19 outbreak. Exceptions may be made for compassionate or end of life care reasons. Masks will continue to be required to be worn by those visiting units with a COVID-19 outbreak. Current outbreak information will be posted on our website homepage.

Visitor Screening. Visitors are required to sign in and stop at a hand sanitizing station at the entrances to the building. Although optional, masks will continue to be available to those who wish to wear them. Posters will be placed at each station as reminders to help control the spread of infection.

Thank you for your patience and understanding when visiting.

Visitation Questions

You may have more questions about visiting. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions to help make your visit safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Do I need to wear a mask while visiting? Effective May 10th, 2023, Current Long Term Care Provincial Guidelines state that mask wearing is now optional while visiting at Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg. Masks continue to be available to those who wish to wear them. Visitors may be required to wear a medical masks or other PPE according to the Zone they are visiting or according to site/unit requirements. Facility staff will provide guidance on what is required. Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg is a safe and respectful environment and will remain mask-friendly for all who choose to continue wearing a mask.

Where will visits take place? Visits can occur indoors, outdoors or in the resident room. Visitation is NOT permitted in unit Dining Rooms at this time unless directed to do so by unit staff. All visitors must maintain a 2-metre physical distance from other patients, residents, visitors and staff. Please discuss any off-site visits with ward staff.

Can I help my loved one at mealtime and/ or take them off the unit? While a 2-metre physical distance from the patient or resident is recommended whenever possible, Visitors may participate in some of the daily activities of their friend or relative. If visitors would like to assist with meals, they would need to do so in the patient’s or resident’s room due to limited space in unit dining rooms. If a visitor would like to take a resident off the unit, we ask that they visit with them in our Seven Oaks Lounge or in our Courtyard (seasonal area). If you would like to take a resident off of our premises, please speak with ward staff.

 We are planning a family celebration. We are able to offer a gathering space for celebrations on a first come and first serve basis. An advance booking is required to use the space. Please contact our recreation supervisor at 204.336-4132 for further details.

 Can I bring my pet to visit? Yes, pets have been welcomed back to Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg! To ensure the safety and comfort of our residents and resident animals, we have developed guidelines, and ask that all visiting pets be registered with the facility. Pets must be leashed at all times, including out in the courtyards, and are not allowed in dining and food preparation areas.

Visiting pet guidelines and registration pamphlets are available at the front entrance. Visiting pets must be registered with the Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg before entering the home. Please click here for the registration form.

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