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Residents, Families & Loved Ones:

The George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation would greatly appreciate your feedback on Single-Site Staffing for Personal Care Homes, which was implemented for all nursing and support staff in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To participate in the evaluation and have your say, please complete the survey by visiting: www.chimb.ca/pch 


New Visitation Protocols – July 23, 2020 Updates.

Resident Family Visits will be held in the Resident’s room for two designated visitors. These visitors are family that provides active care and support to the Resident’s well-being, health and quality of life. These visits will occur within the Resident’s room only.

Designated family indoor visiting hours will be:

Monday to Friday 8 am-8pm effective Monday July 27th, 2020

Saturday & Sunday 8am-8pm effective August 8th, 2020

All indoor family visitors must be:

  • Screened at the entrance to the Home
  • Sign In and Out
  • Wear a mask at all times while in the Home
  • Sanitize hands prior to entering the Home and prior to leaving the Home
  • Go directly to the Resident’s room and remain there for the duration of the visit, no loitering in the hallways or mingling with other Residents, no walking about the unit, no approaching the nursing station.

For all other General Visitors an outdoor visit must be booked by calling 204-336-4101. Four visitors at a time may come for an outdoor visit. All previous restrictions still apply to outdoor visits. Mask are not mandatory but are encouraged.

When entering the Home and awaiting screening please practice physical distances.

If you are not symptom free you will be denied entrance.

Protecting the health and well-being of your loved ones and staff remains one of our top priorities. Regular assessment by public health officials of the impact and evaluation of the need for adjusted visitor restrictions will continue as developments evolve. In collaboration with Public Health, PCH Operators will determine the need to suspend all visits in the case of a confirmed/potential COVID-19 outbreak in the facility or local area or upon the direction of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer.



Resident/Family Outside Visits Starting June 1st/20   

We know that family are integral to the overall health, well-being and quality of life for residents. Balancing necessary preventative measures with maintaining the vital connections that residents have with family members has been at the heart of every stage of our response. However, while preventing the spread of this virus within our facilities remains a central priority, the likelihood that COVID-19 will be a part of our ‘new normal’ for a longer duration requires us to find a longer-term balance between preventative measures and the many benefits of ongoing interaction between residents and their loved ones.

Off-property visits are not permitted given the risk to residents and to the facility associated with unknown nature of contacts, exposure and other required safety measures.

To book an outdoor visit call 204-336-4101 Monday – Friday between 0800 – 1600. All visits must be booked 48 hours in advance.

Guidelines that all visitors must follow are:

  • All visits will be Monday – Friday between the hours of 1300 – 1600.
  • All visits will be outside the main entrance to the Home.
  • There is a maximum of 2 visitors per resident during the scheduled visit.
  • All visits must be pre-scheduled and you will be pre-screened when you call to book your visit.
  • Screening of all visitors will occur, including assessment for symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19. No visitor shall be permitted if they have any cold/flu or other COVID-19 symptoms, or if you have traveled outside of Manitoba.
  • Visits will be a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • The visitor must adhere to the physical distancing and remain 6 feet apart from the resident during the visit.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Based on evaluation of risk as well as operational clinical judgement, the site may be unable to facilitate outdoor visits for certain residents.
  • The visitor is to wear their own non-medical mask during the visit.
  • To cancel a visit call 204-336-4101.
  • Due to required infection control practices, no food/beverages or other items may be brought to the visit.
  • Visits will be weather permitting. If it is raining your visit will be cancelled.
  • A staff member will remain in close proximity during the visit should the resident require any assistance.
  • Staff will stop the visit if physical distancing measures are not being met (ie: resident unable to understand and is mobile, or visitors disregarding guidelines).
  • Please remain in your vehicle until your visiting time.

Protecting the health and well-being of your loved ones and our staff remains our top priority.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we take every measure to protect you, your loved ones and our staff.


Go to the Province of Manitoba website for information and resources related to COVID-19.

Letter to Families and Support Persons of Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities updated March 17, 2020.

Letter to Families and Support Persons of Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities updated April 28, 2020.

Visit the Province of Manitoba website for information and resources related to COVID-19.

For families requesting medical updates regarding their loved ones please contact the nursing desk first .  A Nursing Coordinator  can be reached at (204) 336-4124.

Nursing Desk telephone numbers: 

B1 – 204-336-4120          B2 – 204-336-4122          A1/D1 – 204-336-4117
A2/D2 – 204-336-4119          N2/S2 – 204-336-4115          N1 – 204-336-4114

updated: March 23, 2020.


We at the Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg understand that maintaining contact with loved ones is an important aspect to a person’s holistic health.  If you are wanting to FaceTime or Skype with your loved one please email the Social Worker (pnawrot@middlechurchhome.mb.ca) with your name, your loved one’s name,  and APP contact information so that we can  connect you with your loved ones.  

updated: March 27, 2020.


Letter to Families from the Director of Nursing and Acting Executive Director of the Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg.

click here

updated: April 9, 2020


Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg

The Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg is a 197 bed Long Term Care Facility. It is located in the Northwest area of Winnipeg on the south side of Balderstone and on the west side of the Red River at 280 Balderstone Road In West St. Paul.

All the rooms and our entire facility is a smoke-free environment.

We believe that all residents of the Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg deserve respect, high quality care and service, open communication, privacy and much more. We believe that Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg is each Resident’s Home and will be a community of belonging and hope, built on caring and nurturing relationships.

The Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg is committed to coordinate and deliver safe and caring services that promote health and well-being.

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