Other Services

Dental Care

Dental service is provided at MCH through the University of Manitoba. The professional center is equipped with appropriate equipment. The unit nurse and/or other designated staff will assist families in contacting the visiting dentist. The cost of service is payable to the University of Manitoba by the resident/designated responsible party before treatment can be done. Out of facility appointments with a dentist of the resident’s choice are the responsibility of the resident/designated responsible party to arrange. It is recommended that residents have their dentures marked for identification.


The unit nurse will inform the designated responsible party about the need for dentures, re-fitting and/or repair. Generally the designated responsible party makes arrangements for appointments; however, if unable to do so, the unit nurse may assist with such arrangements.

Eye and Hearing Care

The unit nurse will arrange appointments with an ophthalmologist or audiologist on physician’s order. Residents are responsible for optician and audiology fees. Eyeglasses and hearing devices should be marked for identification.

Visually impaired residents may be referred to The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). Staff from CNIB provide assessments for visual aids/assistance devices, recommendations for the living environment, and collaborate with staff and families to assist residents in adapting to living with a visual impairment.

Foot Care

Simple nail care is provided by health care aides. Foot care for those with diabetic foot care needs, thickened calluses or toenails, or other complex cases is to be arranged by family and is available regularly (on-site) on a fee for service basis. At a cost to the resident, part or all of the costs for foot care may be recoverable through the resident’s private health insurance plan.

Speech – Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology provides services to residents who are at risk for speech, language, voice, communication and swallowing disorders and is available on a consult basis.

Laboratory/X-Ray Services

Lab, x-ray and ECG/EKG services are provided in the facility on a physician’s order, at no charge to the resident. Specialized x-rays/imaging (ie) MRI or CT scans require out-of-facility appointments. Out of facility appointments and transportation will be coordinated with family and nursing.

The Village Pump

The Village Pump, is operated by our volunteers. Residents may purchase personal items at the “Tuck Shop”. Beer, sherry, wine and other liquors are available for consumption on the premises, as well as, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice and confectionary items. Liquor licensing laws prohibit the sale of bottles of wine and spirits. Arrangements for purchases for residents’ personal consumption, on a physician’s order, may be made through the unit nurse. Staff is not permitted to purchase alcohol from liquor stores for residents.


Most residential care homes offer a variety of volunteer opportunities and run a “volunteer program”. Volunteers play an important role in residential care homes. We encourage family and friends to ask about the volunteer opportunities at your care home. You may see a volunteer visiting with animals playing music assisting with recreation programs and visiting with residents. All individual volunteers are screened and supervised. Volunteers may be community members, family members or friends.

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