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General Information

Although there has been some pre-planning, we know that admission to a personal care home can be a difficult time.

We believe residents and their families should be active participants rather than passive recipients of care. In other words, we expect that you and/or your family advocates will want to be informed and involved! Customer satisfaction is our goal, so please feel free to consult with any of our staff if you have a question or concern.

Qualified professional nurses (registered and licensed staff) as well as, certified health care assistants are on duty 24 hours a day. They function as a team to provide quality nursing care.

Each unit has a nurse who is responsible for your medications, treatments and personal care. Based on a plan of care, the health care assistants provide guidance or help with bathing, dressing, transfers, walking, eating and all other activities of daily living.

Assessments regarding health concerns are provided by our care managers and clinical resource managers. Clinical resource managers are responsible for the overall supervision on the units and provide support for the care managers. Any questions or concerns regarding nursing care can be directed to your care manager on the unit or the clinical resource manager.

Our philosophy regarding care is a focus on the resident. We are here to help but not organize your life. We will encourage your independence whenever possible and applaud your success. As much as possible, we will adapt our routines to fit your lifestyle. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask.

There are many services offered at the home. Your nurse can help you contact the appropriate person for your special request. Also, make your appointments with your physician through us. Keep us informed regarding your needs and up date us on any health problems you have had in the past. You have had a lifetime of events that are all a part of the package that is you.

Information is important, but so is your privacy. We will consult you or your designate regarding any medical/care concerns. We will involve you in any care decisions. We will keep you informed regarding treatment changes. All employees are bound by and follow the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) Provincial Legislation, in order to protect your privacy.

All family members must be aware that we at MCH only contact the primary contact for all health information and that the primary contact person is responsible to get those facts out to the rest of the family.

It is important for all family/visitors to know that we have a respectful code of conduct and a non-smoking policy.

If you require additional information or a tour of our home we would be happy to do so. Please contact the social worker at 204-336-4125 Tuesday to Friday.

Our in-depth “Resident and Family Guide” is given to a resident/designated responsible party upon admission to the home.

Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg is a non-smoking facility. Residents and visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the building or on the premises.

MCH is not responsible for lost or stolen clothing.

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