History of Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg

The forerunner of Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg was organized on February 21, 1883. The organization was incorporated on April 29, 1884, as the Christian Women’s Union of Winnipeg, and officially recognized by the provincial government with a grant of $500.00 for the purpose of providing a temporary home for female immigrants, and also as a lying-in or maternity hospital. There were originally two homes. The home for women was on Lydia Street and a children’s unit was on Albert Street. In 1905, the first elderly woman was given temporary shelter.

In 1906, there was a major policy change, and the home on Lydia Street was reassigned as the first “home for the elderly”. The work with children continued as a separate organization, and it is believed that it later became the Children’s Home of Winnipeg.

The present site was purchased in 1907 from the federal government who had been operating an Indian residential school which was partially destroyed by fire. An undamaged three-story frame building became the new home and the elderly persons from Lydia Street took up residence. A new building was constructed in 1930; the south “staff” building was renovated in 1962, and demolished in 1987.

The name of the corporation was changed to “Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg” in 1958 and in 1962 the hostel building was constructed to accommodate 125 residents including a 24 bed infirmary. To meet the changing needs of the elderly, an adjoining personal care home was constructed in 1968 to accommodate 88 residents. In 1973, nursing home care became an insured service under the Manitoba Health Insurance Act.

Provincial standards, funding arrangements and residential charges were established, including a requirement for minimum ancillary space per resident. Building renovations in 1976 resulted in a decrease of one bed. A study conducted by the Board of Management in 1978 revealed that the current ancillary space in the home was below the provincial requirement. Subsequently, a committee of the board was established to develop a plan for an activity centre to rectify the deficiency.

Donations from corporations, the public sector, and the friends of Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg provided the capital costs for construction of the activity centre, which was officially opened on May 5, 1981.

Between 1985 and 1992 three major projects occurred which provided for a new “sprinkler” fire protection system; new plumbing throughout and, a new wing and enclosed 20,000 square foot courtyard. Facilities now provide services for all levels of care (1-4) and, ancillary programs including adult day and respite care.

In 1995, a Community Services Program was launched in cooperation with the municipalities of East and West St. Paul. This program continued to expand as needs were identified. Low cost services to seniors and physically challenged persons were both “facilitated” and provided “directly” by Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg. The Community Services Program offered physical, social, educational, nutritional and medical opportunities for seniors as an effort to assist in providing a continuum of care to remain in their homes as long as possible.

In 1998, Middlechurch on the Red Inc (MORI) a 30 unit life lease housing apartment facility was completed. A physical link allows residents of the housing unit access to a variety of ancillary services from the home as well as access to the MCH Community Services Program. In December, 1998 the board entered into a service agreement with the Winnipeg Community and Long Term Care Authority (now the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority).

In 2000 following amalgamation of the WCA and WHA, our agreement was extended to the new Winnipeg Regional Heath Authority.

In 2002, our new and five year service purchase agreement was signed with the WRHA.

In 2004 The Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg Inc was changed to Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg.

In 2014 Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg devolved to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).

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