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The following programs are available to 50+ residents of West & East St. Paul, or residents with disabilities.


  • Meals on Wheels Program:
    Have hot, nutritious meals delivered to your home Monday to Friday.

  • Senior's Supper Club Program: 
    Enjoy a social evening out once a month, meet with friends, neighbors and enjoy great entertainment, speakers and supper.

  • Foot Clinic Program:
    Have licensed foot care nurses care for and maintain good condition of your toenails and feet.

  • Computer Program:
    Come surf the net at our facility and pre-register for upcoming computer lessons. 

  • Referral Program:
    Get free information on yard & home maintenance or repair, support groups, government programs, etc.

  • Massage Therapy: 
    Come and experience relief from stress, or pain and relax.

  • Audiology: 
    Kemp Hearing services offered in the Middlechurch Home facility. Get your hearing checked today.

  • Reflexology
    Treat yourself to a healing visit.

How do I get more information on these Programs?
To get more information on the above programs click on the program title above, or contact the Community Service Coordinator at 336-4126.


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