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  General Information


Although there has been some pre-planning, we know that admission to a personal care home can be a difficult time.

We believe residents and their families should be active participants rather than passive recipients of care.  In other words, we expect that you and/or your family advocates will want to be informed and involved!  Customer satisfaction is our goal, so please feel free to consult with any of our staff if you have a question or concern.

Qualified professional nurses (registered and licensed staff) as well as, certified health care assistants are on duty 24 hours a day.  They function as a team to provide quality nursing care.

Each unit has a nurse who is responsible for your medications, treatments and personal care.  Based on a plan of care, the health care assistants provide guidance or help with bathing, dressing, transfers, walking, eating and all other activities of daily living.

Assessments regarding health concerns are provided by our care managers and clinical resource managers.  Clinical resource managers are responsible for the overall supervision on the units and provide support for the care managers.  Any questions or concerns regarding nursing care can be directed to your care manager on the unit or the clinical resource manager.

Our philosophy regarding care is a focus on the resident.  We are here to help but not organize your life.  We will encourage your independence whenever possible and applaud your success.  As much as possible, we will adapt our routines to fit your lifestyle.  If you have any questions or concerns, please ask.

There are many services offered at the home.  Your nurse can help you contact the appropriate person for your special request.  Also, make your appointments with your physician through us.  Keep us informed regarding your needs and up date us on any health problems you have had in the past.  You have had a lifetime of events that are all a part of the package that is you.

Information is important, but so is your privacy.  We will consult you or your designate regarding any medical/care concerns.  We will involve you in any care decisions.  We will keep you informed regarding treatment changes.  All employees are bound by and follow the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) Provincial Legislation, in order to protect your privacy.

All family members must be aware that we at MCH only contact the primary contact for all health information and that the primary contact person is responsible to get those facts out to the rest of the family.

It is important for all family/visitors to know that we have a respectful code of conduct and a non-smoking policy.  Absolutely no smoking in the building or on the grounds.



*     Contact “Long Term Care Access Centre” to inquire about the application process for placement, respite, and/or adult day program.

*        The social services coordinator maintains MCH waiting list.



*      Two respite beds are reserved for individuals living in the community who require short term care - usually two weeks.  (Note:  As per the respite agreement, MCH physicians do not treat respite clients; it is the responsibility of the client/responsible parties to ensure they have their own physician provide treatment, etc while respite client is at MCH.)



*      First Choice provides individuals in the community transportation to and from the facility for day program activities.  The program is daily from Monday thru Friday.



*        Most rooms are private with semi private or private washrooms.  We have four (4) semi private rooms.

*        Room assignment depends on available vacancies, individual care needs and appropriateness of rooms.  Choice of rooms is not an option.

*        Bed, nightstand and dresser are provided in rooms.  Residents are encouraged to personalize their room; however, we do not permit fridges, or carpets and pictures on walls are limited at MCH discretion.  No fixed items are to be hung (ie) wall units or shelving of any kind.

*        Cablevision and MTS services are available (fee for service and must be set up by family).

*        Channels available free of charge are CBC, CTV, A-Channel, Global, and French.



*        Physicians are at MCH once weekly (a physician is on call at all times).

*        Seven Oaks Hospital is our primary referral centre.

*        Consultation services of a psycho geriatrician are available.



*        Nursing staff consist of HCAs, LPNs, RNs, RPNs and BNs

*        A pharmacy team provides ongoing drug reviews, as well as, resident and staff education.



*        Therapists see clients as referred by the doctor or nurse.

*        Rehab assistants carry out programs as directed by the OT or PT.



The recreation department offers a wide variety of recreational programming to meet the social, emotional, intellectual physical and spiritual needs of residents.  Individual and group programs attempt to meet each individual resident’s desire for involvement.  Programs are designed to enhance quality of life, emphasizing self worth, enjoyment and socialization.



*        Various denominations provide church services throughout the week.



*        Our social services coordinator provides assistance with admission to residents and families, as well as, a number of other services throughout the facility, such as support and adjustment therapy and counselling services.

*        If you required additional information or a tour of our home we would be happy to do so.  Please contact our social services coordinator at 204-336-4125 Monday to Friday form
8:15 am  - 4:30 pm


*   Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (except recognized holidays)

*    Assistance is available to help process the administration paper work.

*   Establish a trust account for expenditures not covered by other agencies such as ambulance, hearing aid, Blue Cross and other premiums (ie) hairdressing etc.

*   There is a one time $30 administration charge payable at the time of admission.  This charge supplements the cost of the resident’s bracelet, the resident name plate and the labeling of the residents clothes. 

*    To supplement the unfunded costs involved in the timely upkeep of the administration of the resident trust accounts there is a monthly $10.00 fee processed on all trust accounts.

*     Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg does not have insurance coverage for residents’ personal property and is not responsible for loss of valuables, including money or damage to personal belongings.  On admission, the resident/designated responsible party is required to sign a “Waiver of Liability for Valuables and Personal Belongings” form, which acknowledges the facility is not responsible for personal belongings. 



*        Environmental services’ staff maintains a clean “home”.

*        Residents’ laundry is done at the home.  Commercial washers are used.

*     Clothing needs to be wash and wear.  No dry cleaning.  MCH is not responsible for damaged clothing.



*    The maintenance department through the auspices of the board and administration will continually strive to maintain a safe, comfortable environment for staff and residents and maintain qualitative and economic improvement in the department and the home.



*        Dietary staff provide daily meals and nutritional snacks.

*        Dietitian on staff completes initial and annual assessments, and is available on request.



*        Hairdressing staff provide hair care (fee for service).



*        Visiting hours are open; however, doors are secured from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am.

*        Families are encouraged to bring visiting pets on a leash (please complete visiting pet registration).  All pets visiting must be trained and "house broken".  It is the responsibility of owners to clean up any mess left by animals in or out of the facility.



*       Professional nursing foot care is available from the foot clinic through Community Service Program in the home (fee for service).



*        MCH is home to rabbits, fish, goats and a host of assorted birds.  Special pets also visit for the summer.  Residents are not permitted to bring their pets to live at MCH.

*        MCH does not accept donations of birds, pets etc.

*        Visitors with pets are responsible to clean up any droppings, etc.

*        Pets are not permitted in the pub, store, cafeteria or dining rooms.



*        The Village Pump (operated by volunteers) is our “pub” and has courtyard access.

*        The General Store is our “tuck shop” and is operated by volunteers.  It is open weekday afternoons and family members are “welcome and encouraged” to volunteer.

*        Beautiful “resort-like” courtyard with outdoor stage, gardens, flowers, and
“Miss Sharman’s Farm” (for resident animals)

*      MCH has a large volunteer base, which assists in a variety of activities throughout the home.  New volunteers are welcome and greatly appreciated.  Call 204-336-4138 for further information.

*        Wanderguard bracelets are available if required (cost charged to resident).

*        A large print resident library is available on the second floor.

*        MCH operates on its own water system (reverse osmosis and softened water).


If you require additional information or a tour of our home we would be happy to do so.  Please contact the social services coordinator at 204-336-4125 Tuesday to Friday.

Our in-depth "Resident and Family Guide" is given to a resident/designated responsible party upon admission to the home.

 Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg Inc is a non-smoking facility.  Residents and visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the building or on the premises.

MCH is not responsible for lost or stolen clothing.

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